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Bluedog provides proposal consultation, writing, editing, and production support. To subscribe, agree to these terms and purchase a plan so Bluedog may provide recurring writing and other consulting services. Read this agreement, and subscribe now...

Consulting Services, Software Usage
Client (you!) is retaining Bluedog to perform proposal development, technical writing and other consulting services. Bluedog will collaborate with the officers, staff and other consultants of the client concerning matters related to analysis and response to RFPs/RFIs/RFQs, development of compliance matrices and other pre-response preparation, writing and editing of response materials, development of technical approach and other subject-matter specific content, and other consulting as requested via email. Client receives up to five (5) users of Workbench “Always on the Job!” online collaboration tool for the duration of this agreement.

Term of Agreement
This agreement will commence upon processing of the first payment and continues for 11 more consecutive months. Either party may cancel this agreement with 30 days notice to the other party; Client is responsible for canceling the subscription at the payment processor. If part of this agreement is not valid, all other parts will remain in effect, in accordance with the laws of Maryland. These terms are subject to change, and incorporate the terms of use for Workbench -Always on the Job!© Subscription is recurring; you may opt for a one month trial period, at checkout or cancel per these terms.

Reserved Time Devoted by Consultant
The client is reserving (pre-purchasing on retainer) a block of hours per month for Bluedog to fulfill duties under this agreement. The amount of time may vary from week to week. Client will email Bluedog with work requests. Excess unused hours will roll over to the next month; deficit (more hours used in a month than the reserved amount) will accrue and be due prior the next period. Accrued hours expire at the end of the engagement.

Bluedog will be paid at a rate of US$75/hour for 40 hours (pre-paid/retainer) each 30-day period, for the work performed. The subscription will be charged to you on the first of each 30-day period of the term of this agreement for the Reserved Time Devoted by Bluedog. Upon request, Bluedog will report on the running total of hours utilized. Any pre-approved travel or other direct costs will be itemized separately. Payment is subscription based; Client (You!) will be charged at the beginning of each 30-day term, to cover the upcoming period.

Location of Services Rendered
Bluedog will perform service at a location of our discretion, unsupervised by the client. Bluedog will perform services on the telephone, internet, or at other such places as necessary.

Independent Contractor
The client and Bluedog agree that Bluedog staff are and will continue to act as independent contractors in the performance of our duties under this agreement. Accordingly, Bluedog is responsible for all applicable taxes or other general/administrative costs arising from our activities. Neither Bluedog nor client shall will, without the prior written consent of both parties, either directly or indirectly, on their own behalf or in the service or on behalf of others, solicit or attempt to solicit, divert or hire away any person employed by Bluedog or the client. Bluedog may respond client requests by arranging service of other consultants; the cost of these consultants will be treated as a direct cost to the client where appropriate, with pre-approval.

Confidential Information
Bluedog agrees that any information received by us in carrying out our duties and services under this agreement, which concern marketing, financial, or other business affairs of the client, will be treated in full confidence and not revealed to any other persons or organizations. Bluedog shall indemnify, defend and hold client harmless against any claims brought against the client to the extent Bluedog infringed any 3rd party trademark, copyright or patent in the U.S. Client agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Bluedog harmless against any claims brought to the extents those claims are based upon allegations that the client infringed others’ intellectual property rights or breached any client agreements.
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